My work has gone through different periods and has changed a bit over the years as I always like to try out new things in order to evolve my own style.

A while ago it changed into a more minimal style which is largely connected to becoming a father.

Obviously when you become a parent you will lose a lot of time and your focus shifts.

For me I knew I would have to work faster in order to have time to paint while taking care of my daughter. 
So my work became a study into stripping an image into it's core and have since slowly developed into the style you can see in my work at this moment.

Often leaving out large parts in order to play around with the negative spaces and incorporate the aesthetic of the surface of the wall instead of just completely taking over it.

My style is slowly but surely growing up.


"Lints is a danish artist with roots in the urban art scene.

As a product of the 80’s he is heavily influenced by the graphical artwork he’d find in comics, videogames, skategraphics, cartoons and graffiti.

Growing up in a small village surrounded by nature and it’s many animals imprinted him as well. Whether it’s on a piece of paper indoors or on a surface outdoors, the contrast between the urban and the rural is always lurking in his work.

Maybe he’s inspired, maybe he’s nostalgic...maybe he’s just getting older."

Selected Clients

2023  Jægersborg Bibliotek (Mural) DK

2023  Nordvest Walls (Mural) DK

2023  Down Town Fresno (Mural) USA

2023  Moss Landing Boat Works (Mural) USA

2022  Headspace Jutland (Mural) DK

2021   IFUK Musikon Hal 9 (Mural) DK

2021   Tranebjerg Bylivshus (Mural) DK 

2021   Metro (Mural) DK

2021   Børne U.n.i (Mural/Design) DK

2020  Børne U.n.i (Mural) DK

2020  La Liga (Mural/Design) DK/ES

2019   Energi Forum (Design) DK

2019   Metro Selskabet (Mural) DK

2019   Stelling (Mural) DK

2019   Lakor (Design) DK

2018   Honda (Design) DK

2018   Copenhagen Cooking Festival (Mural) DK

2018   Retro Vegas (Mural) USA

2018   Moss Landing Boat Works (Mural) USA

2017   HF Cold Hawaii (Mural) DK

2017   Vesterbro Kulturhus (Mural) DK

2017   VM (Mural) DK

2017   Teamworks (Artwork) DK

2016   Westwind (Mural) DK

2016   Greenfingers (Mural) DK

2015   Valby Kulturhus (Mural) DK

2015   Sidewalk (Artwork) DK

lints chennai

Selected Exhibitions & Events

2023 Impact Festival @ Bolsjefabrikken - Copenhagen, DK

2023 Wonderfestiwall @ Hammeren - Bornholm, DK

2023  Roskilde Festival@ Dyreskuepladsen - Roskilde, DK

2023  Kunst & Skulptur Dag @ Give By - Give, DK

2023  Prison Ink @ Stadtsfængslet - Horsens, DK

2022  Roskilde Festival@ Dyreskuepladsen - Roskilde, DK

2022  Prison Ink @ Stadtsfængslet - Horsens, DK

2021   Meeting Of Styles @ Christiania, DK

2021   Aarhus Volume @ Ridehuset - Århus, DK

2021   Roskilde Festival Summer Days @ Roskilde, DK

2021   Slagelse Streetart Festival @ Slagelse, DK

2020  Home - For our planet @ Online, AUS

2019   Feathers Release (Solo) @ Lakor - Århus, DK

2019   Feathers Release (Solo) @ Lakor - Copenhagen, DK

2018   Graffitihangaren @ Graffitihangaren - Malmö, SE 2018   Meeting Of Styles @ Copenhagen, DK

2018   Musik I Lejet @ Tisvildeleje, DK

2018   Saarang @ Chennai, IND

2017   Lints Solo (Solo) @ Skuespilhuset - Copenhagen, DK

2017   Lints X Lakor (Solo) @ Lakor - Copenhagen, DK

2017   Lints X Lakor (Solo) @ Lakor - Århus, DK

2017   Lilac St Mural Project @ San Francisco, USA

2016   Roskilde Festival @ Roskilde, DK

2016   Northside Festival @ Århus, DK

2016   Urban Art Galerie @ Lisbon, PT

2015   Ålborg Urban Art Festival @ Ålborg, DK

2015   Teufelsberg Art Project @ Teufelsberg - Berlin, Ger

2014   Nomstalgia @ White Lady Art - Dublin, IE

2014   7th Floor @ Tel Aviv, ISR

2013   Galore Festival @ Valby, DK

2012   33 Short Stories...(Solo) @ Lunchmoney - Århus, DK

2012   All City Jam @ Dublin, IE

2011   Throwing Shapes (Solo) @ Mohs Exhibit - Cph, DK

2010   Kings Of Concrete @ Wood Quay - Dublin, IE

2010   Hit The Decks @ The Bernard Shaw - Dublin, IE

2010   Keep Smiling Loser @ Superplan - Berlin, GER