"A book documenting 12 months of birdwatching in Denmark.

Featuring over a hundred illustrations by a guy who knew nothing about birds."

The idea that led to this book was actually a question: 

How many different birds can a guy who knows nothing about birds find?

When I began I knew pretty much nothing about the different species of birds that live in and visit Denmark every year. I must admit I'm pretty surprised how what started as a few walks in the local forest became an obsessive hunt to find them all.

I documented and illustrated my findings for 12 months under these rules:

- I had 12 months to document as many bird species in Denmark as possible.          - I had to take a photo for proof. Meaning no photo no illustration.

Obviously I didn't find every single one so this is not ment to be a highly detailed guide for identifying every bird in Denmark. But more of an illustrated journal to what I found in the period of the project. 

The book features over 100 different illustrated bird species along some stories and experiences from the 12 months spread over 164 pages.

A big thank you to Mette, Rune, Emil & the members of DOF for making this project happen.

The book is available in the online store.

Lints Lærkefalk
Lints Feathers The Book
Lints Kongefugl